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PPC Company in Delhi

SUTECH provide PPC Services in Delhi and a leading PPC company in delhi offering PPC Services in delhi. we provide the cheapest PPC services in delhi. We are listed in top 10 Pay per click company in delhi. The affordable and best PPC company in delhi has offered services to 1,000+ clients.

SUTECH has proven that to maximize ROI of a website, running a Pay per Click (PPC) is always essential for a business. A PPC campaign promotes a lot many traffic driven keywords to make a business grow faster in the online marketing arena. Any business that hires PPC services in delhi find its business generate, enormous traffic, and gain exposure on popular searches through premium quality advertisement. The qualitative PPC management campaign runs by SUTECH SOLUTIONS help companies find potential exposure on natural and organic listing on SERP. In short, launching PPC services help a business in strengthening and supporting the instantaneous quality-driven results. Clients that need to list their websites in top successful business domains must setup PPC to enhance high visibility, and business-ranking in the online industry. For a quick recognition, PPC campaign is one of the best platforms that push the businesses to quick endeavors.

Top 5 reasons that make us the best PPC Management Company

  • We are certified and registered partner of multiple companies and search engines in India
  • We are listed in top ten PPC agencies India
  • Recently awarded with PPC Outsourcing Award 2016-2017
  • We are rated among 200 best PPC Services provider across the globe
  • With retention rate of 98.6%, we offer an unmatched long history of successful PPC portfolio

Head Office at Noida with 8 other offices spread across in the top cities in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gwalior, Pune, Gurgaon, Delhi and Jaipur.

Top 5 PPC services that we provide made us different!

Search Advertising Services

Search advertising is one of the basic and primary tools of PPC campaign. Our expert professionals design the PPC campaign that brings quick results in stipulated period.

  • They design the PPC services that include Paid Search, SEM, and PPC
  • Develops the ground-researched campaign management
  • Customizing the advertising campaign according to the business requirements
  • Advanced PPC strategies for result-driven solutions
  • Quality leads to better sale ratio
  • Modifying and revamping the campaign to explore new opportunities
  • Wide display on mobile and social media for high impact

Display Advertising Services

Choosing the right location, right device, and right media for display of advertisement happens to be the crucial aspect of PPC campaign and advertising strategy.

  • Campaigning through Google Display Network (GDN) and other accounts such as Yahoo & Bing network
  • Implementing the 3rd Party Ad Networks
  • Engaging the leading media portals such as BBC, NDTV, TOI, Money Control,, Youtube etc
  • Strategic managing placements for site selection in Pay Per Click Services
  • Developing contextual based keyword and content targeting including demographic & behavioral

Social Media Advertising Services

Social media advertising is a strongest tool that reaches every person and section of the society. It provides highest display at lower CPCs in PPC advertising.

  • The social advertising strategy targets increase in leads and sales
  • Targeting users based on time-spend, behavior, connection and interest
  • Remarketing and extending accessibility using similar audience targeting

Remarketing Services

In PPC services, we ensure to display advertisement to the users who have already visited the webpage earlier. Being a PPC agency, this is one of the important tasks of a PPC company.

  • Remarketing
  • Targeting users based on location, time spend and searches
  • Providing frequency capping
  • Displaying ads to right candidate with required needs
  • Optimizing and targeting keywords, categories and interests as per users
  • Extending reach to Google, Facebook and other networks
  • Remarketing via 3rd Party Ad Networks
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • URL Tagging
  • CRM Integration with website

Product Listing Ads Services

Google shopping ads included in PPC campaign management for online retail marketing business for selling of products to the website customers.

  • Google merchant center setup
  • Product feed optimization to search products
  • Providing optimal results with integrate PLA ads with Google search
  • Dynamic remarketing with advanced ecommerce analytics
  • Amazon Ads Campaign

Mobile Advertising Services

SUTECH is a known PPC Management Company providing mobile advertising. Here what we conduct in PPC services mentioned below:

  • To fetch best results, our PPC campaign adjust bits for multiple devices
  • For maximum ROI, we test different browsers and display networks
  • Developing mobile websites and later optimizing according to the needs
  • Designing hyper local ads to attract more mobile audiences

The professionals in PPC services require in and out-of-the-box logical and geographical thinking to handle the pay per click advertising campaign. Our PPC Company employs industry-experts for handling the PPC campaign management.

Our Unique PPC Plans and Packages
Track Basic Standard Premium
Number of Keywords 100 150 250
Account Setup INR 5000 INR 7000 INR 9000
Monthly Charges 15% 13% 10%

More features about our best PPC Company services in delhi are mentioned below:

Top 9 Components Involved in PPC Planning Process

Define Goals

At the launch of every PPC campaign; we work together to discover clear goals and business objectives that can lead to the PPC planning. Once we regulate the exact goals; we generate an actionable plan.


The next serious step is creating a budget for PPC advertising. We back companies with various budgets. We a client-centric PPC Company that has several packages to meet the every business needs and goals.

Ad Copy Testing

Ad copy testing is another way that we recover your PPC ROI over time. We make several dissimilar iterations of ad copy with variable pitch points to regulate the messaging that will reverberate target audiences.

Geo Targeting

If you hunger to increase site traffic in positive locations or markets, we can grow a plan that targets geo-specific locations. Many of our clients board customers in numerous different cities and geographies.

Keyword Bidding

We influence sophisticated tools to behavior keyword research. Through this research, we can classify the keywords and keyword phrases your target audience is consuming to search for your company.

Goal Tracking

Monitoring and gauging your PPC account using analytics and tools is a significant component of our PPC plans. We track your results and classify upgrading areas that will upsurge your ROI and PPC success.

Involving Social Campaign

We offers real-time social media consultation including SEO/SEM to develop dynamic strategies for the PPC campaigns. Clients buying our PPC services mean that clients are entitled for social media consultations.

A True and Reliable Brand

We are known to our clients since 2003. 98% retention rate and over 96% accuracy is one of the components that justifies eight-above components in PPC Campaign.

Device Targeting

We will assist you control whether you needed to target audiences with PPC campaigns on convinced devices such as mobile, desktop, tablet or a mix of all three.


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Best SEO Service Provider in Delhi for more than 100+ Services in Delhi and overall we successfully worked on more than 10000+ keywords and most of them got 1st page ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engine.

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SUTECH is a reputed SEO company in Delhi providing vivid range of SEO services in delhi and PPC services in delhi according to the clients’ business needs. We are known for providing effective SEO services in delhi and PPC services in delhi at affordable price tags. In fact, due to our cost efficient pricing we are known as the cheapest SEO Services provider in Delhi. We are listed in top 10 SEO company in delhi and top 10 PPC services company in delhi. Our services have been availed by 1000+ clients, and it is continuing and counting more.

To be a best SEO services company in delhi, SUTECH SOLUTIONS has proven that for maximizing ROI of a website, implementing a revolutionary and evidence-based SEO services is essential for a business. An effective SEO services promotes traffic driven keywords to make the website grow in the online marketing arena. Any business that outsource SEO services in delhi and outsource PPC services in delhi gets the business generating enormous traffic, and gain exposure on popular searches through ethical SEO methods.

The qualitative SEO techniques runs by SUTECH SOLUTIONS assist online businesses find potential exposure on natural and organic listing on SERP. To be precise, launching SEO services assist a business in strengthening and supporting the instantaneous quality-driven results. Clients that need to list their websites in top search engines must setup SEO to enhance visibility, and ranking in the online industry.

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